WTB an old (ideally 2003) char with empty SP

(Sanjay Watkins) #1

Looking to buy a toon that was created years ago - The further back to 2003 the more I’ll be willing to pay. Not interested in it having any SP.

(Zuluwise) #2

i have a couple of '07 characters

(Sanjay Watkins) #3

Can you link them and also how much do you want for one of them?

(Zuluwise) #4

Cheryl Arsepain
Shan’tee Lorouse
Celine Talisme
DE’ Man
Zo’Kour AFie’n

All '07

(Jaqi Devlin) #5

Got a June 2004 character for you. Jac Devlin


1645 oldest.

(Amoir) #6

have this toon and 2 other (amoir ocaid, and eiti) all 3 2007 toons, near 0 skill points, message me in game on toon kingcawk and we can talk

(Zuluwise) #7


(Sanjay Watkins) #8

How much would you want for Amoir?

(Jaqi Devlin) #9

Sorry I didn’t get back to in game.

10B for Jac?

(Amoir) #10

make an offer, id be willing to part with all 3 for cheaper than selling each one individually.

(TheZapper) #11

Msg sent regarding 2 characters from June 2003…


(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #12

Have sent a message in game re. a 2004 char, with 2mil skill points and c. 800k unnalocated.

(Amoir) #13

still for sale, let me know, 8b/toon on this account if you want it (3 toons)

(system) #14

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