WTB Avatar and Nyx Bpc kits

(miner1 otomeya) #1

wtb avatar and nyx bps kits both preferred with max ME don’t care about TE

(Dirty Bint) #2

I have an Avatar BPC pack available - its ME8 with all parts ME10, what you offering?

I can do NYX but have to wait another 3 weeks for copies.

(miner1 otomeya) #3

8 bill?

(Dirty Bint) #4

Have done you a contract for 6.9b becauce 8 is too much :wink:

(miner1 otomeya) #5

I was offering 8 for both

(Dirty Bint) #6

I could do the Nyx ME8 + Part Bpcs for 700m in 3 weeks time - Which would be 7.6 total.

(miner1 otomeya) #7

Sounds good

(system) #8

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