WTB Character with 2003-2005 date of birth(Trading closed)

I dont as i never intended to go on sale with myself :slight_smile:

Have one here.
So for hijacking your thread OP but this could be of interest to you to.




Would love to see your offer for this character. born in 2005.
Cybernetics 5
Great Trade Skills
Subcap industry skills + moving into capitals.
Variety of science skills.
Almost perfect resource processing skills (Reactions, Mercoxit and Moon ores left)
Beancounter implants.





Since you don’t sell it, forget it.


But I can’t afford the price you want.

I have one (not this) born March 2005, about 900k SP, never really used him for anything. Docked him and never really took him out (traded for this one). Been in 2 corps, other than NPC ones, no bad history or kill mails.

Let me know your offer.

(logged him in and checked. 863k SP, +1 implant Per, 1 remap and 3 bonus remaps, DOB March 14 - 2005)

Setup with EVE board.


Interested in a 108m sp char born in 2006?

How much would Klub be worth to you?

I was born in 2005. Minimal SP, no kills/losses. Not even a portrait (though I’d have to make one in order to transfer the ISK out … )

Make me an offer (in-thread) if you’re interested.

i am for sale , born in 2007, all clean character , 3.5mill sp

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Amarr_Citizen_793584272 (PW: 789)

Shoot me a mail if interested…I’m setting up my sale post sometime today (Saturday).


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