WTB dedicated Toon's

Hey Guys,
I will buy some toon’s…

1x Falcon CYNo V with

  • CYNo V
    The Falcon with arround 5m SP

3 Pi Alt´s with min.

  • Command Center IV
  • Interplanetary Consolidation V
    Round about 1.5-2m SP

1x Processing / reprocessing all on V
1x Mining Booster Char with min.

2x Exhumers with min.

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Hi! This char is still available : WTS 18 Yo planetary manager char (3.8M sp) - #4 by Lombre

Check chris katelo in this link.

she is middle way to booster, have some reprocessing, as far i remember have caldari Cruiser V and some cyno but need train a little for recon, i am the owner

Chris Katelo Looks nice nur is Not dedicated…
Iam looking more dir dedicated toon’s
For this i can only give you 15b sry.

no thanks

what about this toon

@Sue_Rtuda What price do you have in mind?

@Saarnio_Kion What price do you have in mind?

I was thinking in 17.2 less than that is not good for me.

Reasoning :

  • i need pay transfer (2.5b), at 17.2 is near the 15 you offer the isk i got, but 15 i get 13, toow low
  • have 643500/1280000 of mining director V, is easy make a booster
  • at 24.6m sp, the extracting value is (19.6*.7)=13.72
    17.22 = 24.6 * 0.7 (700m isk per 1 m sp), and this is low and relatively wasy to got

And by the way, this character are a sabre pilot too, and all the rest is focused in your needs.

17.2 then ? is in perimeter

i need to think about it…

The price is very decent.

WTS Orca Pilot Main price negotiable. Orca Pilot with mining boosts, not far from rorqual pilot.

Still Looking for some Toons

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