WTB DST pilot

Hi, i currently sell this pilot, interested in purchase a DST pilot OCCATOR if possible, who have not negative historial with Brave because i plan to add to that organization.

Have drone to rat its ok, i m seeking not fancy, not interestd in miners or combat, but industry and PI will be well payed.

I have around 10-13b to spend, and the seller need send to me in some hours when this transfer is done.

Total Skillpoints: 14,850,823
Unallocated Skillpoints: 1,521,000
Total Skillpoints: 16,371,823


I am currently cooking a BPO and finish the wednesday at downtime aprox three days . i Have NO problem in sell then for 13b if you are interested. Give me a character to contact u then.

Him vexor sigma here. If u check out our bios can see we are the same person. Not problem in wait if no other pilot appear.

Please answer about the clones, killing rights etc , need by the forum rules.

I go to transfer now this char, yes i am ultraviolet 15 , please answer here when ready to sell iit.

Open to other offers.

This character was sold. Waitng for confirmation for the transfer, passing the downtime, , monet ready

Ready to transfer, send isk and account name.

Edit: Isk and account received, transfer begin

Isk sent, account name given in game chat

Pilot received.

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