WTB Entry Level Porpoise Pilot

Sup, pretty new to the game still but I’ve been securing the bag and need a Porpoise pilot.

I’m rich for a newbro but poor in the grand scheme of things so the lower total SP the better :pray:


I need freee the space and selling him. Lots of book injected, is 2007

2007 pilot


4.3 b ?

Hmm, not quite what I’m looking for. Would really like to see relevant drone skills. I’ll let you know if I change my mind! What’s the best character to hit up using eve mail?

Today is weekend and i dont stay too much in the game. Sent mail to me or answer the thread. i go to stay checking in phone

By the way you was asking for a basic porpoise, already have all the skills but the full drones are around 2m sp, plus hull upgrade and spaceship 5 plus forman, you have not too much chance to get a full mining drone porpoise in 5m sp skill range.

Good luck.

i’d be interested in that character bro for 4.3 bill, send pm or mail in game to Saas Kwatch, or here.

i ready to sell it. Ultra Magnus7

convo me, Saas Kwatch brother

ok i go online in a minute.

no probs

Ultra Magnus7 was seeking a fit with compression, industrial core and booster II. That is not an entry level porpoise. Is around a 8m skill points completly focused.

The character is available to any who can sent me the 4.3b. I go to cinema now and make a thread returning if nobody already sent the isk.

C later.

Your character cannot fly a total fitted Orca or Porpoise, further training of a month to fly fitted both ships, in my eyes this is not a character that is ready fully without training. As futher talks through PM brought me to think that he already could. You dont have drone skills which a Orca and Porpoise is required in many cases,Industrial core/ Mining Foreman Bursts is also needed too so to futher this sale is to be very aware what Characters can fly and what not. Skilling up to fly a ship on its own is easy, the fittings to be fully active is a different story, in theory-no- it cannot fly a Orca nor a Porpoise

No porblem, My suggestion is make a post asking for a pilot capable to run a fit with full moon compressor, industrial Core II, but is nota an entry level Porpoise. If you put the full fit in the buying thread can have more chance.

If u check the last seven days too pilot orca were sold, and none of them can use compression. Check them.


They were 20, sp and have not mining director V, mining drone specializaton five, drones medium v, and compression. You are asking a 5m sp something than the last 20m are not capable to do. My miner 50m orca booster can compress, but none of the pilots of less than 20 i see have that. I can train that in 40 days, sound good.

Good luck.

Other characters are asking 4b for 5.6 not useful character. Not ask a 5m so for the tips of a 30m one.

Space Minor, sorry for the discussion here.

whats with all the transfers??? When you see a pilot for sale and see that ocra and porpoise is on the ship can fly list you expect he/she can fly those ships!, not to come around to further train the character!! You’re just giving people false info. What basic orca and porpoise are you flying???- one without a fit lol. every other character that ive seen in this bazaar have had the necessary skills to fly a complete ship/s.

Oh and by the way, the way you have spoken to me, the attitude and sarcasm…i dont think i’ll be buying, and i hope other people see this and see what sort of person you are., sorry for the discussion here, :wink:


I was reasoning. You say me “all my other pilots can use this fit” compressing / booster II . I say you good luck but is not an entry point character

I want to say, brother, has your role been sold?

resold in another thread.

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