WTS 22.8m SP Industry Pilot (AUCTION 25B STARTING)

Heavy Industry Character
22,817,824M SP
-0.0 Security Status
Can fly every Ore ship except the Rorqual (only 26 days away)
Positive Wallet

Bowhead Pilot
Freighter Pilot
Perfect Orca Pilot except for the Industrial Core 2

Corporation Management 5
Mining Director 5
Mining Foreman 5
Shield Command 5
Shield Command Specialist 5
Leadership 5
Wing Command 5
Fleet Command 3.5
Command Burst Specialist 3
Broker Relations 5
Signature Analysis 5
Advanced Spaceship Command 5
Gallente Destroyer 5
Gallente Industrial 5
Mining Barge 5
Mining Frigate 5
Warp Drive Operation 5
Cybernetics 5
Astrogeology 5
Mining 5
Reprocessing 5
Salvaging 4.5
Ice Harvesting 3
Gas Cloud harvesting 3
Science 5
Hull Upgrades 5
Mechanics 5
Drones 5
Light Drone Operation
Power Grid Management 5
Electronics Upgrades 5
Medium Hybrid Turret 4.5



Can you realy call yourself a perfect Orca Pilot when you have kinda shitty drone skills and only Industrial Command Ships lvl 3?
25b is realy optimistic, Would be supriced if anyone bought it for more then 15.

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I will keep that in mind, thanks.

Closed at OP’s polite request.