Wtb extracted toons

hi noobs! i know you all like to buy toons here and extract them…i am a collector of such toons. if you have some with extensive kill history (20b killed or more) (corp history don’t matter)…drop their names! I’m willing to buy them.

bumpidie bump bump bump

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mei’cai,Take a look at this, man

Says pilot isn’t found, maybe it’s not public or something? Anyway, buying extracted toons only with kill history. Yours doesn’t seem to have any on zkillboard.

No, no, my character has been repeating AFK status lately. You can look back

Are you going to extract the toon or keep it as is?

I was prepared to sell the character,I think you’re looking for zkillborad. Here it is Mei'cai | Character | zKillboard

yes, am looking to only buy extracted chars as I only need the KB for my own nefarious spai activities.

My English learning is not very good, I wonder if you are interested in my role, if you are interested, please send a quotation

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