WTB fax pilot or ishtar pìlot (close)

just public your character and price

SkillQ.net - Kiki Morgan can u access this link

ishtar hull pilot. highlights include:
unused remaps and unused yearly remap
cybernetics 5
precoursor dest 4
amarr destroyer 5
gallente Cruiser 5

Hi confirming I am for sale and agreed at 25bil.
I will pay transfer
Character in high sec
No kill rights
positive wallet
Positive sec
Character in npc corp

Send Isk to this character and eve mail me the account name for transfer, thanks

Isk send and email with the account name for the transfer

Transfer says target user has too many characters

lol would have gone higher but if you don’t want the extra B or two then i guess that’s the way to go

No problem maybe we can do a deal another time :slight_smile:

a few houts ago i delete one char in the account, please wait a few hours or wait till the next downtime and try again

Will do :+1:

Transfer started, have fun

Transfer complete