WTB Fiend Imp bpc

WTB Fiend Imp bpc

Good luck finding any of those in existence.
Waaait a second…
Are you Alexsasha, the guy who keeps baiting in T1 stuff - especially Atrons - before bringing in faction stuff like Slicers and Succubuses and crap?

yeah~I am that person, I plan to continue my collection journey.

As I recall you are up a faction frigate and a T1 frigate on me. You have killed two Hookbills and a Breacher, while I have killed a Slicer (with that Breacher).

At least I could turn a solid green killboard red for a little bit :slight_smile:
You are a very good pilot, if dishonorable.

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thanks bro~

What you would do with an Imp truly terrifies me.
I want to hear your stories about finally losing your 500 killmark Imp to a gang full of Rapiers, Orthruses, and tons of Ceptors after killing about 10 of them solo. :slight_smile:
If I had the BPC, I would sell, but I don’t have even 1% of the net worth required.

Also, I would be surprised to see any unbuilt ships left.

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