WTB Focus Super Pilot Budget 65b

Looking to buy a focused Super Pilot, budget is 65b, maybe slightly more. Must be focused.

Me?? Pass:nyx

I’m for sale. Very focused 71M SP Aeon Pilot:


PW: Aeon123


Full Armor Supercarrier Clone: HG Amulet Set + Extras

Full +5 Training Clone as well

Amarr Carrier V
Armored Command Specialist V
Fighters V
Heavy Fighters V

A perfect 100% Killboard: 1.68t isk Killed, 0 isk lost.

The only non-focused skills are:

He can fly a travel ceptor to move his clone from place to place and/or bookmark escalations
He has a good amount of gunnery and gunnery support skills in case you want to stick him in a Titan someday
Sentry Drone Operation V (from my PL days flying SlowCats)
Support Fighters IV (since they used to use them)

I’m happy to extract any / all of these if you so desire, or you can extract them yourself to stick him in another racial super.

if we come to an agreement I will drop to NPC corp and move him to highsec that day.


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