WTB focused Nag pilot sub 40M sp


I have one with everything 5 and no wasted skills (except maybe signature focusing, it was used for wh krabbing). 35m SP, if you are looking for a K-space alt I wouldn’t recommend it for the price :confused:

Link https://eveskillboard.com please. @Intriguing_Stranger


Comes with the bonus of being a well known meme, although I recognize that some would consider it detrimental. I usually pretend to be the old owner for shts and giggles.

I’m not lookin for a meme toon, but this does have close enough to the skill im lookin for, would you take 34B? @Intriguing_Stranger

No, sorry, I have already had higher offers. What skills are you looking for? This character has AC spec and capital shield operation 5, the only things you could train are JFC and Capital Ships 5.

What price would you be happy with for the hidalgo char @Intriguing_Stranger

Link the skill board of Intriguing as well.

No, I meant hidalgo. Unless you want artillery spec 5/jfc5/capitals 5 on him I could not think of something you would want for a naglfar that he is lacking.

Intriguing can’t fly a nag, I’ve got a few others but they are not nearly as well trained.

Last offer has been 36b and I’d probably let him go for 40b. That’s why I said that it’s probably not worth for K-space, those additional skills are pretty useless if you use it for dreadbombs and you would be better off buying something around 25m. It’s not really an average character and has some history, I’m only thinking of selling because I don’t use him due to my limited time.

I’d meet you in the middle and do 38 For Hidalgo then. @Intriguing_Stranger

@Intriguing_Stranger Sorry for hijacking post, but you said you have a few others but not as well trained?
I’m interested in buying a low SP naglfar or revelation pilot. I just need a sitter, really.


Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, 38b is a very good offer but since I am a little attached to the character it’s not enough to convince me to let him go. I might just hold on to him for a while longer until I am sure that I would like to sell him, sorry.



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