WTS Hidalgo Gengod - Perfect Naglfar + Ragnarok Pilot 49m SP (1m unallocated)


pos sec status
npc corp
docked in thera

1.1m unallocated SP
+5 implants, per/will
2d titan 5, then DD5
Capital Autocannon Spec 5
Minmatar Dreadnought 5
Capital Shield Operation 5
Gunnery all 5

starting bid 60b
b/o 70b

Only have 48M SP. I bid 61B for him.

48.8m SP ) thanku for your bid

10b in skillbooks and 120b of injectors if you want to inject something focused like this ))


Skill Points |47,784,707
Unallocated SP|121,177

Only 48m.you cant count you training skill inside .it not belong this man for now.

62b :neutral_face:

my mistake, in my head I had remembered 48.8 not 47.8
u are right, I edited my post

63B,my last bid.


Withdraw my bid

if 63B can sell to me, email to me in game.NO higher bid for him.

thanks for the bids



Now with 1m allocated SP and just 4d left for Titan 5


I’ll give you 20 bil right now. If you extract all the titan and other random sp. I only want the nag related skills.

Would this toon be suitable for wormhole ratting?

kek )

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50b for just nag skill

70b obo in the next 24 hours


No, he isnt.