WTB Focused Naglfar Char

(Anthony Giola) #1

Looking to buy a completely focused Nag char. Will take chars without T2 Guns / T2 Siege/ Dread V / jump skills.
Preferably do not want any unnecessary SP invested into it.

(Hidalgo Gengod) #2

all 5 no wasted sp, 35mil sp

(Imma wormholer btw) #3

30Bil bid

(Anthony Giola) #4

Can you post Hidalgo Gengod’s Eveboard please? 35m sp is quite a bit of extra skills

(Hidalgo Gengod) #5

no wasted skills, 35m is everything 5

if you dont want a perfect char look for something else

(Imma wormholer btw) #6

What price are you looking for Hidalgo?

(Nandea) #7

Go to eveboard.com Hidalgo and create a link for the character thnx

(Anthony Giola) #8

Use that website to show us what all exactly it has, I’m interested in buying the char, but as I already have several perfect dread pilots I do know that 35m is quite a bit of extras too and would like to see what exactly the extras are on hidalgo :stuck_out_tongue:
Kinda seems like you just trollin tho so ok :wink:

(Hidalgo Gengod) #9


wtf kind of nub chars do u have))

(Nandea) #10

@Hidalgo_Gengod PW:444, not 4444 xD

(Hidalgo Gengod) #11

ty, didn’t know it’s only 3 letters

(TraumBrecher) #12

@Hidalgo_Gengod check your in game mails.

(Krab Knocks) #13

WTT perfect nag for 2 phoenixes

(system) #14

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