Wtb frigate focused pvpmain

Looking for all frigate /Desi skills 5, all the basic skills trained to 5/4s, all the t2 weapon platforms for small guns. My skill plan is about 70m sp, lmk what you got. Having some cross train into cruisers is tempting

Might be light on the SP, but clean build. Might let him go if the offer was right.

2012 Character with only a few corps and no pesky Mining frig dirtying up the Skill Sheet.
16.6m SP plus 2.2m Unallocated for 18.8m SP total
Currently only in Matari Frig/Dessie but has Assault Frigs 5.
With the unallocated, you can easily get the other racials.

Howdy, i sent you a skill plan ingame mail, could you let me know how many days it would take to train that, Ty

Replied… but over 800 days.

ty, yeah prob too low SP, thanks for reaching out tho

I’d be interested in Josef for the right price. Can start a thread or eve mail me. Thx!

hi,my character have 81msp。mybe you wanthttps://char.tools4eve.com/character.php?name=bad_g just need 70b

no kill and high speace

Hey mate, I’m gonna send you an ingame mail with a skill plan, could you let me know how long it will take to finish it?!
Will be in 10mins from sending this

I am very intereseted after looking at the skillboard

closed, found my solution