WTB 3 Frig Chars (Nergal required) (other subcap skills OK)

Looking to buy 3 Frig Characters, all race frigs would be awesome, but minimum requirements are:

  • Caldari Frigs/Dessy (T1 & T2)
  • Trig Frigs (Nergal specifcally)
  • Frig Support/Weapon Skills
  • Excellent Fitting Skills

I will consider full subcap accounts as well (cruisers/bc/bs), but my aim is primarily frigs.

Feel free to post here or send info ingame to this character.

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Buy me !

Sorry, you don’t have nearly enough maxed out frig skills for me to be interested. Good luck though!

Maybe you interested in this :slight_smile:

No thank you, doesn’t meet my requirements.

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this thread can be closed, characters purchased