WTB gallente mission runner with drone skills, marauder pilot and good fighting skills

Hi, I would like to try a Gallente level 4 mission runner with really good drones and fighting skills. Also is OK remapping and injecting skill points so I can decide where to specialize.


By any chance, would you be interested in a caldari 4 standing FW mission runner? state prot almost at 5 standing. With drone and blaster skills. Selling only for 4b.

Skill points?

4.3M Skillpoints. Cab fly t2 light drones and can shoot t2 light neutron blasters. Been using this to run FW.

Changing my offer. Getting rid of my alts. Will now sell this for 3bil.

I am quite new of the game so I trust your good faith that is a good pilot. I want to run missions in a gallente drone-guns boat, with some mining skills and a way to make good isk. I will buy plex to find the isk to purchase the pilot so if you think is a good one i will buy it.

I am relatively new as well. I will be glad to hand over my Pilot to you knowing you are not like the other madmen out there. Message me In game. Goes by the name Juan Salvador.

All right.

Sold then. I’ll be online right after downtime. Message me ingame.

Hey can you log in game? Im messaging you

Or tell me your account name so I can chat with you

chat with me again. :wink:

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