WTB Gold Monocle, Silvershore Greatcoat

Please mail in game.

daily bump

You should specify what eye socket you are looking for m8. Price goes from 15-16Bn (right side) to 200Bn+ (left side, there are only 7 in game).

Anyways, best of luck!

P.S.: btw you can’t slot both monocles at the same time =(

Thanks for the tip. I am open to either monocle really :slight_smile:


Bump get this man a monocle!

Oh and once you get one, apply for the monocle clubhouse :wink:

I just looked more closely at your toon and realised you are sporting both of the items that I am looking for haha. Nicely done.

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Hehehe you could say I’m a collector of oddities :wink:

Glad you got your monocle sorted!