Drones V
Drone Navigation V
Mining Drones V
Exhumer V
Mining Barge V
Spodumain reprocessing 4
Mining V
Ice Mining 4
Reprocessing 4
Cybernetics V

If you have anything close to this I will buy it from you. Price is negotiable


i dont have much isk. However lets start with your offer

How much do you want for it?

Probably around 30b isk

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bron_Dearg check me out 10b

I will buy it give me 2 days to move isk.

Ok let me know when you have the isk

who do I transfer the ISK? Considering the current cost of the injectors can we bargain for 9.5 bill.

ah ok I can do 9.5, do you have the isk ?

yes I have the isk, just give me the name to transfer isk.

I am online now just send you a mail in game with a name

Money has been sent. Waiting for the transfer

Isk received transfer has been started

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