WTB - JF Pilot and Orca Pilot - This can either by way of All-in-One or Individuals

Good Day All,

As the topic states, I’m looking for a single pilot that can pilot a Jump Freighter and Orca. Or two individual pilots that can meet the requested functions.

Jump Freighter Pilot - So long, as they can fly it, I don’t require them to fly any specific race.

Orca Pilot - Good rigging, shield, drones (specifically T2 mining drones)

As you can see, my requirements aren’t much. So, Please if you have any pilots that you are wanting to sell. Post and/or in-game mails are accepted.

My Offer(s) will range anywhere from, 10-20 Billion+ an additional 3.2 Billion to cover transfer costs based on current PLEX value against the Jita Market Pending relative Skill Points and Focus.

–Note-- All CCP, rules will apply to any perspective seller, as does for myself as the buyer.

I look forward to doing business with you!

Best Regards,


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Hi. see the link:


Still training for the upper ARK skills but can fly it. Not so much the Orca but could be flying it in only 16 days.

Selling earlier than I would have liked. Let me know if you are interested.

Hi BluFlame,

I’ve sent an in-game mail with an offer of 4 B to get things started.

Take my ISK! Daily Bump.

Replied in-game.

Bid accepted and agreed in game. Send isk and confirm account name in-game.

I will then start the transfer process using plex.

Nothing heard from the OP, good luck with your search.

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