WTB Jita Daytrading Toon

Looking for a trader alt with the relevant skills trained. Preferably also with some jita standings please.

bump still looking for a trader alt with some cald standings

bumpage still looking.

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what’s your budget?

Thanks but not really ideal for me your toons trading skills are subpar. Needs at the very least broker relations 5. Gl with sale just not a fit for me. Ty!!

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Not really wanting to spend over 80b on a day trader. Ty though.

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so wt u budget ?

Like 20-30b if its good trade skills and some standings. A day trading toon literally sits in jita and only trades. So the sp is not much usually only a few b to inject one. The standings is whats important. If i wanted an empty standing trader id just inject it for like 4 or 5b. Any other skills are kind of wasted since it never leaves jita.

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look at this one

Sorry dude nty. Im looking for something specific. Even that one im spending 25 odd bill isk on it and it has 0 standings. The extra 25m sp is a complete waste of isk for me id just extract and sell. So its cheaper and easier to just inject a toon and run the standings myself… i just want something trained that already has cald standings.

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Hello, there is such a character. I downloaded it as a merchant for a long game, but I realized that it’s not for me
9,68 Caldari State
9,98 Caldari Navy
The standings are perfect

how much do you want bud?

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