WTB Limited Edition/Time Items

I am in Jita 4
I am willing to negotiate the prices for some items if sold in bulk.

The prices are above the buy orders in jita.

I am wanting to buy the following items:

Capsuleer Day XVI Apotheosis… (Crate)
100x for 700k each (70 million total)

Capsuleer Day XVI Sunesis… (Crate)
20x for 13 million each (260 million total)

Capsuleer Day XVI Gnosis… (Crate)
10x for 35 million each (350 million total)

Small Navy Ammunition Crate
400x for 350k each (140 million total)

Medium Faction Ammunition Crate
500x for 200k each (100 million total)

Large Faction Ammunition Crate
400x for 400k each (150 million total)

Festival Hypercore and Snowballs Crate (blue Hypercore crate)
50x for 2.9 million each (145 million total)

Festival Hypercore, Body … (red Hypercore Crate)
40x for 3.5 million each (140 million total)

Festival Battleship SKINs… (yellow Hypercore Crate)
30x for 4.5 million each (135 million total)

hello can i have one Gnosis for 33 million?

I am wanting to buy them, sorry if that wasn’t clear in the post.

i have a Gnosis i could sell to you for 35 million

okay I will buy it for 35 million, message me when you are available in game for trade.

I will still buy the gnosis for 35 million when your available but I no longer need any more of the Gnosis after that.

okay write to me i have one atm

I made a private contract in the game to you so we can do the trade that way instead as it is easier.

I am still waiting for you to accept the contract, I will give it a few more days before cancelling or let it expire.

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