WTB Low SP Drone Pilot

as it says, looking for a Drone Pilot.


How much are you looking to spend?

not sure, a few billion i guess

I’ve got a gallente at drones 5 with middle early gunnery/armor/shield (adv wep upg 3, working through some fitting skills) etc sitting at about 2.5mil sp, or a caldari with almost 3mil sp and just under 1.5mil sp unassigned but he hasn’t trained much in drones(drones 4, light 3, small missiles/rockets closing in on t2, nearly maxed for alpha explo, mining basically maxed for backup alpha isk, targeting almost alpha maxed)…most fleshed on early shield/fit/etc if you might be interested in that ballpark perhaps…both newer DOB, empty corp history no rights, pos wallets

How much Disaszt ?

haven’t done a ton of research, I’m not necessarily desperate to get rid of them but if something pretty comes along I might be fully interested…RL wallet is tight so I’m probably looking at buyer pays transfer so that will dump purchase price…I haven’t looked into the cost of isk transfer…could do a reasonable package deal on the two of them or some such perhaps…

I would be interested in the Caldari for sure

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