WTB Mercenaries (open to all)

Looking to purchase mercenaries from all corners of eve who are looking to take care of business and make isk.

This will be an open call to all pilots. The task is simple, you will be paid 250 million isk per kill of a said corporation member in NULL security space, for any target worth over 50 million isk, anything above 1 billion isk will be paid out 500 million isk and anything above 5b will be paid out 1 billion isk.

There is a cap of 50 billion isk delivered to the mercenaries. Should you wish to seek out employment, message me in game.

Notice: You will be required and responsible for maintaining your own ships, and understand you do so at your free will and may incur losses.

Upon getting the information, and location of the corporation that is to be hunted, We would like for you to post in a eve mail to this character the kill, and confirm on the forums that you’ve received payment for your work.

  • Enoch Vicor

what region are they in?

Wrong section for this, try posting it here: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/corporations-alliances/mercenary-services

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