WTB Mining alt - CLOSED

Shoot me an offer, ready to negotiate.

Still buying!!!

AlexaSelene Jy Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
Has a +5s in slots 1-4, and additional +3s pod in slots 1-4 (In contiguous HS).

Price is 24B which is roughly their extract value + transfer costs.

Ingame mail sent!


Confirming I am for sale.

24.7M sp (with 2.1M being unallocated)
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
Positive Standings
NPC Corp
No Kill Rights

Current Clone- +5s in Slots 1-4, with misc 5% implants.
JC in Foves 5- +3s in Slots 1-4, and additional misc 3% implants.

Screen shot:

I accept!!!

Let me know where to send ISK - Account transfer info sent in-game!


Send them both to me. Not Harrigan please.

ISK sent - Waiting for the transfer

Received transfer started:

Thank you!

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Alt received, please close!

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