5.6M SP Planetary Interaction and Mining Alt

(LadyMia) #1


  • No kill rights, positive security status
  • 2 bonus remaps and additional remap available now
  • NPC corporation
  • Will be in Jita at time of transfer

Positive wallet

I will pay transfer

Asking 5.5B BO

(Alyss Enna) #2

3.5B bid and you can leave her in Delve

(LadyMia) #3


(Immeral Liadon) #4

3.7B bid

(LadyMia) #5


(LadyMia) #6

Adjusting buying, will accept 4b ISK, lets move this dreamy miner to your account today!

(Immeral Liadon) #7

4b B/O. Char must be in npc corp :slight_smile:

(Immeral Liadon) #8

wake up! :slight_smile:

(LadyMia) #9

Sorry, I had some RL come up and was afk a few days. I’ll accept at 4b and join NPC corp and clone to hi-sec as soon as isk is recieved on me.

(Immeral Liadon) #10

now you will be online in this days?

(devil127) #11

is this still for sale can doi the 4b u are after

(E-P-C round) #12

5B ready

(Peach Gator) #13

for sale?

(Ghost Lila) #14

5.5B buy out,isk will be ready tomorrow if still available, I will wait for 3 days until you reply. If I haven’t heard from you within 3 days the deal is off.:slight_smile:

(Ghost Lila) #15

Btw if it’s not in Jita yet leave it in delve