5.6M SP Planetary Interaction and Mining Alt


  • No kill rights, positive security status
  • 2 bonus remaps and additional remap available now
  • NPC corporation
  • Will be in Jita at time of transfer

Positive wallet

I will pay transfer

Asking 5.5B BO

3.5B bid and you can leave her in Delve


3.7B bid


Adjusting buying, will accept 4b ISK, lets move this dreamy miner to your account today!

4b B/O. Char must be in npc corp :slight_smile:

wake up! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I had some RL come up and was afk a few days. I’ll accept at 4b and join NPC corp and clone to hi-sec as soon as isk is recieved on me.

now you will be online in this days?

is this still for sale can doi the 4b u are after

5B ready

for sale?

5.5B buy out,isk will be ready tomorrow if still available, I will wait for 3 days until you reply. If I haven’t heard from you within 3 days the deal is off.:slight_smile:

Btw if it’s not in Jita yet leave it in delve

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