WTB mission runner combat pilot, budget 15-20b


(Lakhara) #1

As topic states, looking for a cheaper mission runner, no big ships just good missiles/guns etc.

(Gravitar) #2

Goon energy guns: Legion PVP pilot 20M
Average project guns: Decent Loki pilot 10M SP

Depends on your needs :slight_smile: .

(Lakhara) #3

I don’t know how to pm on this forum. I made an offer on 20m pilot, waiting for you to decide if my offer is good. (9 pm?)

(Gravitar) #4

Yeah, the auction is still active and will end it this evening 9:00 PM UTC (21:00). Can’t remember if EVE TZ is same as UTC.
I would advise you to send the offer on the forum to get the auction going.

(system) #5

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