WTB 'Old' Character (Born In 2016 And Below)

(Shorinodansei Shososuru) #1

Hello, I’m currently in search of anyone that has an unwanted Character that was created before 2017, maybe 2017 if the character is good enough. I am not looking for what the character has or its skills That means, a 0 SP char, with no ships, low ISK is good for me as long as its born on 2017 or below. However, the character has to have a positive ISK balance. Thanks, in advance.

Please State The Price Of The Character On Your Original Offer
Budget: 7 BIL ISK
Edit: If you’re selling me a 2017 Character, my budget would be 3-4 BIL

(Tulon Semah) #2

Hi, would you be interested in me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tulon_Semah 2014 character

(Shorinodansei Shososuru) #4

Ahh, I’m interested in your offer. Skills don’t seem too good, but I’m fine with it. How much do you want for it? I will most likely be waiting another 12 hours or so before I finalize my decisions, want to see if I get any more offers

(Tulon Semah) #5

heh 8b sounds nice :slight_smile:

(Shorinodansei Shososuru) #6

Seems like a somewhat good price, will wait for more offers before I finalize my decision. :slight_smile:

(Tulon Semah) #7

i’ll do it for 7b if you’d accept now, gotta log off soon :slight_smile:

(Shorinodansei Shososuru) #8

Hmm, sorry. I want to wait and see if If I get any more offers. I’m totally fine waiting for you to log back on again, if it doesn’t trouble you. Once again, I apologize, just want to see what I can get the most with 8 bil

(SpyMuch) #9

Password: 123

(Shorinodansei Shososuru) #11

Oh my, that’s the perfect character. How much are you selling it for? Sorry for late response btw

(SpyMuch) #12

15b. thx

Or 7b. whatever floats your boat

(Nick Peria) #13

2010 Character 4 bil


(FinalHunters) #14

I am for sale. 2010 toon, no SP, no corp history.


Will accept 4bil.

(Ampetrion) #15

I am for sale Born 2010 let me know what your offer would be. Always willing to negotiate! o7



(Billy Amarrian) #16

I have one from 2014 only has 800k skill points with positive wallet ?

(Big TiDi's) #17

I was Born in 2014 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Big_TiDi’s
Low SP
Positive Wallet
No Corp History
3 Remaps Available
Located in Jita

(SpyMuch) #19

are you still buying?

(Xanro Gwuin) #20

what is the different ?

(Myna Two) #21

i can give you one char like that for free if you provide the plex for transfer.

(Hic Esse) #23


2014 character, 5 billion.

(Kaguya Sumeragi) #24

4 bill for 2015, no sp character.