WTB 'Old' Character (Born In 2016 And Below)

Hello, I’m currently in search of anyone that has an unwanted Character that was created before 2017, maybe 2017 if the character is good enough. I am not looking for what the character has or its skills That means, a 0 SP char, with no ships, low ISK is good for me as long as its born on 2017 or below. However, the character has to have a positive ISK balance. Thanks, in advance.

Please State The Price Of The Character On Your Original Offer
Budget: 7 BIL ISK
Edit: If you’re selling me a 2017 Character, my budget would be 3-4 BIL

Hi, would you be interested in me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tulon_Semah 2014 character

Ahh, I’m interested in your offer. Skills don’t seem too good, but I’m fine with it. How much do you want for it? I will most likely be waiting another 12 hours or so before I finalize my decisions, want to see if I get any more offers

heh 8b sounds nice :slight_smile:

Seems like a somewhat good price, will wait for more offers before I finalize my decision. :slight_smile:

i’ll do it for 7b if you’d accept now, gotta log off soon :slight_smile:

Hmm, sorry. I want to wait and see if If I get any more offers. I’m totally fine waiting for you to log back on again, if it doesn’t trouble you. Once again, I apologize, just want to see what I can get the most with 8 bil

Password: 123

Oh my, that’s the perfect character. How much are you selling it for? Sorry for late response btw

15b. thx

Or 7b. whatever floats your boat

2010 Character 4 bil


I am for sale. 2010 toon, no SP, no corp history.


Will accept 4bil.

I am for sale Born 2010 let me know what your offer would be. Always willing to negotiate! o7



I have one from 2014 only has 800k skill points with positive wallet ?

I was Born in 2014 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Big_TiDi’s
Low SP
Positive Wallet
No Corp History
3 Remaps Available
Located in Jita

are you still buying?

what is the different ?

i can give you one char like that for free if you provide the plex for transfer.


2014 character, 5 billion.

4 bill for 2015, no sp character.