WTB older toon with a GOOD name

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kigori (Password 619)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/yavandir -clean history i never used this char
Meybe u interesteed.

hmmm, i guess… bump!


do i have a good enough name for you?

Grand Turbo

Not that old, but great name imho. 10m sp


How bout pick your own name born in 2007?

i do like the fact i can choose a new name, i just wish the toon was a bit older.
let me run this for a bit more and if i keep getting junk offers i will reach out to you,
thank you Amarr_Citizen_294753471

bump for the weekend

Selling myself!

up please

i like it, a bit pricy, but a good start

new week bump

Selling this char is your intrested https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Geo


Only 2010 so not as old as she could be but a decent name I think.

Can offer the following Chars (eveskillboard can be supplied if needed):
Narar Idhar
944115 SP, 77108 unallocated

Temek Partir
761587 sp
Character has outstanding customization. (Caldari, Deteis)

Telnat Zichram
875445 sp
302670 unallocated

really? nobody has an old toon with a cool, clever or funny name? i just dont like flying around in a pilot named ktffet XxhuferXx :roll_eyes:

2010 character FluffyKitten - no skills really

he is pretty ugly - https://evewho.com/pilot/FluffyKitten