WTB Oracle or t2 large laser nightmare paladin works too

WTB Oracle char or something with t2 large laser weapons or close post character here nightmare or paladin works too

Bump still looking

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Just train the skills yourself its not hard. Buying a character for just those skills and that ship is a massive waste of money.

i want to buy a character nearly focused to fly oracle or nightmare

Refering to my previous remark…save isk… train the skills yourself.

i save more isk buying it instead of spend 8b in injectors

Or you could just wait for the skills to train. The character will cost more than skill injectors anyway.

no, it is cheaper than injector price

BUMPBUMPBUMP i pay 1b/milionsp for focused char


http://eveboard.com/pilot/LordBlack how much you willing to pay?


~ 30bill. (Negotiatable)