WTB ORE - ICC Public Contract Request V2.2

[ICC] Public Contract Request Form V2.2

Independent Contractor’s Coalition

ICC is a bulk contractor of Ice and Ore that seeks to link and support independent contractors and corporations across New Eden. Our buy back program is available to the public. Whether it is to simply off load excess goods, finance your private mining ops or function as buy back for a corp, ICC is growing to meet your needs and unify the industrial might of Empire space.

Our operation has relocated to the below locations. Help keep the system running! If you would like to recommend a new contracting location feel free to contact Scion Lex in game or join us at “Independent Pub” and we can make a deal.

Airaken - Sietch Tabr [The Forge]
Ashab - Port Royal [Domain]
Averon VII - Moon 3 - Caldari Business Tribunal Informations Center [Everyshore]
Carirgnottin IX - Moon 17 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices [Everyshore]
Iro IX - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory [Tash-Murkon]
Kino VII - Moon 13 - Ytiri Storage [Lonetrek]
Nakugard VII - Moon 12 - Krusual Tribe Bureau [Metropolis]
Perimeter - - IChooseYou Trade Hub [The Forge]
Tash-Murkon Prime V - Moon 1 - Tash-Murkon Family Bureau [Tash-Murkon]

-ORE Contracting-
As miners we understand the difficulty of getting good pricing on your ore & materials. In truth Jita does not always give you the best price for your Ore. At ICC we pull pricing for the entire cluster and we base our pricing on fair market value. Meaning we bring the best prices to you via our network offices and logistics wing. We seek to match, if not exceed Jita, in most ore contracts.* The system has been updated to make ore selection easier and faster

-ICE ORE Contracting- 9/30/2018-**

Compressed White Glaze is purchased at a set price of 264,570.96 isk per unit.
Compressed Glacial Mass is purchased at a set price of 309,015.47 isk per unit
Compressed Clear Icicle is purchased at a set price of 269,862.16 isk per unit
Compressed Blue Ice is purchased at a set price of 318,730.78 isk per unit

Character Names of 3 characters long will be ignored

Please fill out the information and a private contract will be issued in-game.
One Contract per Item
ONLY Items listed
Private Individual Contracts ONLY
Contracts are only issued in high security space. Pockets may or may not be issued too. Contact Scion Lex for location confirmation
Contracts are generally posted within 72 hours and a maximum of one week

Contracts are issued at locations on the drop down menu only

Come make isk with us!

Join “T-CAM Public” to learn more.

*(0.5% to 3% above Jita buy depending on market forces)
**Posted pricing reflects the projected contract value at the time of posting and is subject to change. Pricing is updated weekly.

Accepting contract requests. Thank you.

Expanding to Amarr space soon. Accepting contracts!

Accepting contract requests!

Its an ore buyback program without having to join a corp. Give it a try.

Accepting contract requests! Thank you for all the new contracts!

We have a new location in Moutid! Come make isk with us!

220 private contracts issued to date. Come make isk with us.

Does your corp need a buy back program? You are in luck!

Basing out of one of our refineries can simplify your logistics and financing. Try our contracting system today!

The standard ore list is now more complete, less confusing and easier to use. We also added some PI to the mix. Come get the best price and service in the cluster!

Worked like a charm. Fifth contract by now, and all resolved the same day I requested them. Some guys mean buisness, these guys just do it!

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We are currently adapting our business model. We are seeking structure holders and refinery owners in order to continue our contract operation in an integrated manner.

We are accepting contract requests. Contact us if you have a location for us. We also offer fueling services. HS only.

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