WTB over 200m pvp monster

Link your char I don’t need any crab indi skills


How much do you want? clone remap status plz

Mail me your best offer. Not sure I want to sell.

If you not sure selling?
Then don’t reply here

Daily bump

210b send me ingame mail if you interested

Sorry for wrong post It’s hard for me to catch up with you ingame if you want to sell your char 210b??

Want to convo me in game? I am online now.

I’m in bussiness trip right now so I can’t convo you right now how much do you want for your char??

I’d do 225 if you want to deal now.

I’ll join game about 10 hours later we can convo in game

Can you convo me rightnow??

Still looking for char~ Link your char and price plz

Daily bump ~

Still looking Link your char and price plz

Still selling your char?? No implants in your char??

He has a set of mid-grade slaves with 4x5% hardwiring implants. Also has a full geno set with 5% hardwiring implants. Lastly has a clone with +5 perception/will power. Currently at 210mil sp (literally just plexed him yesterday)

Can you give me 5b discount? If you discount your char I can buy your char this weekend

Contact me this weekend, but I am not sure I want to let him go for less.