Wtb Perfect Nyx toon

Looking for perfect Nyx toon

Please post skill link and price


where is your skill link

69 hth

60B ? IDK tbh depends on how high the buyer is willing to go . But tbh i just want an idea of the toons value , not interested in selling unless price is like stupidly high to not accept because i still use him.

Need some1 who wants to sell it

Could this be of interest?

Looking for just Nyx character

Hmm OK i will sell for 45B

miss cybernetics Lvl 4/5
Fighter Hangar 4/5
Thermo 4/5
otherwise it’s perfect Nyx Pilot how much you propose ? (there is 1M unallocated)

How much you looking for ?

35B is ok for you ?

Sorry too high , can do 20

20?? no one will sell that low

His extractor cost is 18 bil

bump uo

still looking