WTB perfect Paladin pilot for sansha incursions

WTB a paladin pilot for high-sec sansha incursions. Revelation pilot is also preferable since it’s in the same skill line.
I can offer up to 35-40 Bil.
Perfect or good gunnery skill and Marauder V skill is needed. Also if you’re a Vagur or Kronos pilot with Marauder V and all damage-related gunnery skills V please leave the skill board link below, thank you.
Please add any standings info which will cause troubles in highsec too because I’ll fly in high-sec zones.

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Perfect Pally pilot, can run t2 leshak with good skills. Current bid is 34b, buyout is 50b

SkillQ.net - Quandale Bingleton Damarcus

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