WTB PI / Industry Character, 1-10m sp any race

I’ve recently come back to the game and set up a new account for a scout clone. I would like to get some industry set up on that account if at all possible to help pay for the plex it will cost to run.
I’m mainly looking for a character with good Planetary Interaction skills so Command Centre Upgrades 5 and Interplanetary Consolidation 5 is a must.
Any other Industry related skills e.g. t2 industrial/transport ships would be a nice bonus.

I have 4x 5m - 5.5m sp PI characters 5.5B Per:
Set 1-
Set 2-

And 4x that are 3M-3.5Msp PI characters 3.5B per:
Set 3-
Set 4-

I’d be interested in Susan Slute or any other clone like her, I’m just waiting on a paycheck so I can plex for the remaining isk, are you still likely to have her in a week’s time?

All good to me, I’m not really advertising them anywhere. So once you get the isk, ill make a sales thread, and confirm all the details the 2 you want.

Just be for warned if they are going to the same account, or coming from the same account (some of them are on the same account), there will be a 10hr delay (per CCP) in between transfers.

-Edit, but for the record. Id think Sloppy, and Melissa are closer to what you want since they also have planetology 5 (better resolution when scanning planet for PI.)

I was only really looking for one, but do you mean 3.5bill for one or two characters?

I’m sorry, I dont know why I thought you said you needed 2. If you want Susan than (since im just now noticing she doesnt have planetology 5) when your ready, ill sell her for 5B even.

Sorry I was looking at the wrong character, I meant to say Dixie. Out of interest, how much would two be? I do have two slots free on that account

Ill cut .5B off each ones price if you want 2.

Yeah I wouldn’t want to spend that much right now
So I just did some calculations, and I’m fairly certain I could inject the relevant skills for less than 3.5 bill and I’ve just found a PI character with 5 mill sp going for 3bill, so I’ll be buying that one instead.

Thanks for the offer though

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