WTB Reaction BPO's


looking to buy BPO reaction’s nothing fancy

Fernite Carbide
Phenolic Composites
Hypersynaptic Fibers
Plasmonic Metamaterials
Sylramic Fibers
Fermionic Condensates

all in 10/20 ideally

as you can tell, I’m exploring T2 indu :slight_smile:

These can all be purchased in Jita from NPCs or privately. There is no research associated with reaction formulas so no need to worry about ME/TE

Thank you, I’ve figure this out as well - appreciate the feedback and apologize for the stupidity of the question…

If you haven’t purchased them yet, I have a bunch of reaction BPOs I haven’t touched in some time and wouldn’t mind selling them for less than NPC Price.

can you send me a mail in game with what you have in stock? the one listed here has been bought but wouldn’t mind expending the reaction

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