WTB Skiff Pilot

(Chrissi Hamalia) #1

Searching for a cheap Char with only Skiff related skills. Ice Mining Skills needed.

Ice Drones (T2 / Augmented), Shield Skills, T2 Ice Mining Skills.

Feel free to post your toon(s) with eveboard link and costs.

Links without any price or eveboard link will be ignored.

No Ingame Messages, only here.

(Chrissi Hamalia) #2

friendly bump. still open

(Caillou 420) #3

Hey, I’m willing to sell this character. I’d be willing to sell the character for 7b or best offer. If im paying the transfer fee its gonna be 2b ontop of the price of the character. If you pay for the transfer, no 2b.
Password: 1234
Has the ability to fly a skiff and also has t2 ice mining lasers and drones.

(system) #4

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