WTB Tiamat for xmas gift

WTB Tiamat for Xmas gift! Contract to Royy Dallocort in Jita please. Paying 200m but price is somewhat negotiable

A whole 200 mil?

that’s above jita buy

These are selling for closer to 300 billion with a b… no one uses the market to sell Alliance Tournament ships.

This should be a joke right?
I am asking as 1st of April is a bit far from Today…

Tiamats are rare. So rare, there are only EVER going to be ike 50 of them in the game. When they’re gone, they are gone forever. The people who have them don’t fancy parting with them, unless they are compensated for.

The Tiamat and Hydra were awarded to the top three best groups of pvp pilots in the game for the sixteenth Alliance Tournament, and only 50 or each were given out, meaning that only 47 remain. (Three have been blown up).

They are ridiculously powerful, and if someone sees you in it, they will try their hardest to blow you up. Wormhole space? They find you. Nullsec? They bring interceptors, interdictors, recons, heavy interdictors, and other nonsense like Nightmares. Lowsec? They bait you. Highsec? They gank you with smartbombing battleships, or fancy T3Cs in suicide attacks that leave them out of a few billion isk, and you maybe a hundred times more.

There is one dude in particular, called Vonhole, that has become legendary for his skill at hunting AT ships, racking up kills of dozens of multi-hundred-billion ISK hulls.

Unless both you and your gift reciever know EXACTLY what you are doing when handling/transporting this ship, I would advise against getting one. One of my friends in Spectre Fleet, named GamingTyler513, won a Chameleon in January of this year. It was their dream ship, and they move it very rarely, to very backwater low- and highsec systems. When you are in an AT ship, highsec and lowsec have basically the same safety level. Anyway, when running a Tier 6 abyss site for a video, they locked down their entire high sec system with scout alts on every side, safe spots in place, and other safety measures, in order to prevent dying. They were in space with that ship for just over 15 minutes.

That should give you an idea of just how “hot potato” these things are. Overpowered can’t save you from two dozen attack battlecruisers at 0km.

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I can’t tell if this is a copypasta or a real response :skull:

It ain’t copy…pasta?
ctrl+c, noodle was not used in this instance.

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sorry but no one will accept that you could though see if they want a cheaper ship

If you want to give someone a nice christmas gift, I suggest a well-fit Caldari Navy Hookbill, with good tank and modules, like a Dual Rep Hookbill, MSE2xBCU Hookbill, or Suitonia Hookbill. Trick it out with T2 rigs and a faction extender/deadspace AB, stock it with plenty of ammo, charges, nanite, and boosters, and give them a fun time, not just a fancy hangar trophy.

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Ill pay 1bil more than the poster, if anyone actually ever considers his offer.

I have no doubt that you’ll end up with just as many as him.

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