WTH: Raven State Issue

This is the one that’s been advertised on Reddit for a week. The Raffle is currently ongoing:

<url=hyperNet:1ca44d90-1e58-4c71-95d1-a6123c1e0080>HyperNet offer: Raven State Issue</url>

You guys already know it’s 1 of only 4 in game, 7.8 billion per ticket.

Already 124 tickets already bought.


Looks Real Pretty ina fight :slight_smile:

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Got my ticket. If I win on my small chance, I will sell it to anything swinging a trillion in my face.

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That is the equivalent of dumping officer mods to jita buy orders


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just picked up my ticket

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fixed the stupid link

free bump !!

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24 hours left

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RIP deposit

Lol wasnt it in the range of 200 bil :joy:

First world problems.

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