[WTRZJ] Gentse Waterzooi, Indy High Sec Corp

You are looking for a high-sec corp, you are a new or experienced player, alfa or omega, trader, industrialist or PVE player.

We are looking for independent solo players.

Real life comes first,
Corp programs are an offer, not an obligation
No pvp
No structure or sov defense

Open BPO library (600+ 10/20 BPO’s)
BPC from stock
BPO and BPC buyback
general buyback

>>> Membership and introduction info via this website <<<

No stress, no cta, no structure or sov defense, no extra comms…

RL comes first

Corp programs are free to use.

We are open for new members.

600+ bpo library free to use.

We are open for new members

Wtrzj is recruiting

Urgent need of extra copy slots. Join now and earn hundreds of millions of passive income.

We are recruiting

We are recruiting!

Corp is growing. Join us for free passive income

We’re open for new recruits.

We are recruiting

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