WTS 1 Nag Pilots *with stupid name*

EveSkillboard - Daddy’s LiL UwU - T2 Guns, T2 siege, JDC 5. This toon was primarily used for wormholes so it has the ability to fly a rolling Megathron. B/O 30bil OBO


Confirming I’m for sale

I’m also confirming for sale

25b offer for Daddy

X Bump


Careful with the bumps buddy. It’s once a day - using Eve time. I suggest as close to every 24 hours as you can to be safe. Don’t want isd to swing the hammer

5b for each

.01 isk for both, those names are an affront to any god imaginable

just because of that name, 7b for Daddy_s_Lil_UwU

X Bump

Confirm Sale 25 bil for Daddies little uwu

ISK Recieved and transfer initiated

Confirming I have transferred isk for this character purchase.
Isk sent from target account

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