Wts 25m Focused Nag Pilot T2 guns & Shield JDC 5

Started preparing this Nag alt awhile back but I’m not playing quite as much as I used to so looking to downsize my active account list.
Bushido Joe Skills

I also have an unfit nag hull I’m willing to let go below market price but it is not included and will need to be contracted separately per the selling only character rules.

+25,472,715 Sp
+Character has 3 remaps
+Positive Wallet
+No kill rights
+Character Located in a relatively quite Ls system 1 jump from Hs
Nag is also in the same station but again, It’s not included in this transaction and will need to be
contracted separately.
+Only 1 prior corp over a year ago
+No KB
+T2 Guns
+T2 shields
+Dread IV

1:High Grade Ascendancy Alpha
2:Gen Core CA-4
3:Gen Core CA-3
4:Gen Core CA-2

Bonus- Awesome Weeb Name
Bonus-Nag Still has it’s original rust

Don’t Think I missed any of the core skills but its been awhile so definitely look it over.

Im open to all offers but Will take a 27b b/o

Finally This sale will honor all ccp rules




20b b/o offer

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