WTS 28.2M SP Maxed Nag pilot [SOLD]

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Edward_Panala PW: 1234

-0.7 sec status, notp rohibited in any HS space via faction standings. Positive Wallet.

Quick Overview of capabilities:
Maxed naglfar pilot. JDC 5. T2 guns, T2 siege, Dread to 5. Support gunnery skills to 5. Missing Autocannon Spec to 5 (at 4, what a scrub).
Can fly a helios with probes, Large projectile turret to 5 also.
Also has minmatar carrier book injected, but not trained.
Extraction value is 20.5B. Plex value for transfer is 3.2B. Starting bids will be at 24B. Any less and I will extract.
Reply to this thread or in-game mail to offer.

Private deal accepted for 27.5B

Account info + isk sent

Is your account still for sale;i want to buy and can give you a nice price

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