WTS 1 Ragnarok 1 Loggerhead

1x Loggerhead in Tama NPC 65 bil
1x Ragnarok in Misaba NPC 185bil

Avatar Sold, Hel added!

39 Hel, 82 Chemosh offer

Can do 41 for the Hel and 85 for Chemosh

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40 hel 82 Chemosh

Hel Sold, Price reduced on rest

Oh hell you sold the hel. Chemosh bid stands at 82

Thanks for the offer but 85 bil seems fair for it, bump still selling

Bump! Cybele Sold, Bestla, ragnarok and Loggerhead added

2 Caiman Sold as well as the Bestla Bump!

Just Loggerhead and Ragnarok Left!! Bump!

Daily Bump!

179 for ragnarok

thanks for the offer, 185 is a pretty fair price

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Its a contract price . If you want to sell it fast hit me up

If he wants to sell fast he has me :slightly_smiling_face:

There are none 185 bil rags on contract most of them over 190, thank you for the offer

haha thats True :smile:

ping me in game :slight_smile: