WTS 10.1M SP null sec T2crystal Exhumer V miner 3 remaps


Link above to the skills page.
1 yearly 2 bonus remaps available now.
basic implant set
sexy shaved head

Positive wallet on transer
no kill rights
Pilot located Jita 4/4
Davion Darkstar will receive the ISK. I will pay xfer fee.

This is not an auction, straight sell.

Price 9.7B

tyvm, enjoy the toon to the first poster with 9.7B

daily bumpage

workday bump, til’ tomorrow

ill take him

Please post confirmation of bid and please send isk to Davion Darkstar along with account information

Character still for sale

If you sell 8.5B, I’ll buy it right away.

no but thank you for the offer

9B BO ready right now

9.2B, I am ready.

apologies i was away unexpectedly. 9.2b accepted. please send Davion the isk and account details. I will be afk tomorrow from 9am est to around 4-5pm. I will xfer via cc asap when i log in either in morning or afternoon.

Okay, isk and acct have already been sent to you.

transfer complete, enjoy :yum:

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