WTS 10/20 BPOs

Selling these long time researching BPOs, all maxed (10/20).

Standup Signal Amplifier BPO - 1b
Standup Variable Specturm BPO - 1b
Standup Remote Sensor Dampener BPO - 1b
Standup Stasis Webifier BPO - 1b
Capital Flex Shield Hardener BPO - 400M
Capital Shield Booster BPO - 550M
Capital Cap Battery - 350M

So far ive seen just 3 10/20 standup module BPOs ever on contracts so here is your chance to get these into your collection or for copying to your BPC packs. Please dont lowball me, i have waited long enough to research them, i can wait to sell them to person who can appreciate 10/20 BPOs. I might be willing to talk about discounts if you take multiple BPOs.

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