WTS 10.5 mil SP Core Toon w/Mining

Hi looking to sell myself.

Born 2012 (light corp history)

Located in high sec, positive wallet and sec status, NPC corp, no kill rights. All CCP rules apply.


  • Cybernetics 5

  • Great Core Shield/Engineering

  • Yearly Remap Avail + 2 Bonus Remaps

Perfect Shield Cap toon starter

Looking for 9-10 Bil

I pay transfer…no ticket or plex

7.5b bid

appreciate the start, but not desperate.

8.5b bid bump then

Adjust price according to market. Still for sale.

Still for sale. Looking to transfer this evening USTZ.

@Moaudie_Xadi you still good with your bid?

Still for sale

9-10 Bil

lowered BO to 8.5bil

Until the end of today…if nothing I will cancel sale.

Sent you ingame mail about the sell. I can purchase toon now at the 8.5b offer.

Sounds good. Logging in now. Please send isk and eve mail for account to transfer

Isk received. Transfer done. 14 Oct 19:36

Confirm email

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