WTS - 10.7m SP VNI & Command Destroyer Pilot

(Askscar Naskingar) #1


Selling myself

117,249 unallocated SP

Can confirm that I have a positive wallet, no kill rights for or against etc.

I will pay the transfer, which will be by plex, means it will take longer.

Also selling a FW bomber/VNI alt WTS - 12.4m SP FW/Bomber/VNI Alt

Price is 8b

WTS - 12.5m SP FW/Bomber/VNI Alt
(Isaac Galang) #2

Let’s go for 6b

(Askscar Naskingar) #3

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(Askscar Naskingar) #4

Daily Bump

(Askscar Naskingar) #5

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(system) #6

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