WTS 10.8M Rorqual Pilot for sell

character in the asghatil and Wallet balance have Ten million character in the high sec
no killrights
no Jump clones
one set +4inplant

want 10B,include Transfer cost

you are in frt?Shall we talk in game?

yes you can talk with kamchengguang 。。。。。。。。。。

i can offer 10b for the character

i‘ve send a message to you in game’


done give you my wallet charater:kamchengguang

You received the price of 10.5B?

if the charater transforming is not being done i can offer 11b for it

afraid I’m sorry cause he’s my friend

12.5b if you like

Received your money and started transferring accounts.

Is this character still being sold or has the transaction been completed?

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