WTS 10.9M SP Resource Processing Toon

WTS 10.9M SP Resource Processing Toon

Positive Wallet

Positive Sec Status

Based In High Sec


Will pay Transfer with Money

Starting BID 7B

Auction will end in 72hrs with Highest Bidder



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7bn offered


I can offer 7.5 bo if you interested. Online now to start proces ?

I’ll bump it to 8b

I tought rules were 72h and now are more than that.

Apolagise for delay 8b accepted please transfer isk and account name to callum hugman in game please and I shall start the transfer process

I will send account details to Callum hugman, but ISK must be sent to character being sold.

I’ll post here once transferred, so you can send onto your account

OK no problem

ISK transferred, mail sent to facilitate transfer

Nothing received as yet, please confirm transfer has commenced

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